The Third Wish - Credits

Technical and Artistic Realization

Screenplay and Direction Job Michiel van Zuijlen
Animation and Imagery Job Michiel van Zuijlen
Music and Sound Design Job Michiel van Zuijlen

Additional third-party resources were used as acknowledged in the remainder of these credits. Content may have been modified to fit the film's needs.

Voice Talent (in order of appearance)

Walter Pinhead Dennis H. (justaviking)
Genie Eugene Ott Phomsopha*
Troll Job van Zuijlen
Carl Keith Hayden*
Xandra Chrissy Hayden*
Agent Feisal Hussein Jeanne Trabulsi*
GIA Director Jeanne Trabulsi*
Junior Agent Job van Zuijlen

Voices marked with a '*' were recorded in the Audio Room of Arlington Independent Media. The voice recordings were processed to simulate the environment in which the dialog is spoken.

3D Models and Environment

The Pinhead character appears courtesy of the Committee for the Advancement of Walter Phineas Pinhead (visit Pinhead Adventure for all things Pinhead).

Main Character Design Job van Zuijlen
Minor Characters Reallusion, third-party developers
Set and Environment Design Job van Zuijlen
Set Components Reallusion, third-party developers, 3D Warehouse
Miscellaneous Reallusion, third-party developers

The film was animated using Reallusion iClone 6. The main characters were created with RL Character Creator. Non-iClone content was converted using RL 3DXchange.

Sound Effects and Foley

A number of sounds in the film have been acquired through Sounds may have been edited or processed further to fit the film. Occasionally, sounds will have been combined to arrive at the final effect. The table below lists for each sound the ID, creator, and file name.

FS ID Creator Sound File
207143  ahill86  roughsea
246250  andreangelo  water-faucet-hq-stereo
83634  arithni  clothing-rustle
173877  bencarey  saving_one_penny
95886  cmusounddesign  etl-cat-explodes
160741  cosmicembers  body-fall-1
146932  crashoverride61088  wind-gust
138068  daboy291  2-footsteps_carpet-floor
262830  derserwas  car-traffic
52177  dj-chronos  moaning-wipe-005 [in composite “wailing and moaning”]
121288  dkaufman  sorento-interior-35mph
317478  drkvixn91  breathless-panting-2
204016  duckduckpony  clothing-shirtsandpants-rustling
30264  erh  anguis [in composite “wailing and moaning”]
36757  erh  ghostly-voices [in composite “wailing and moaning”]
240847  fliwatt  tapping-fingers-nervously
19870  fogma  bar-atmosphere-not-so-busy
78389  inchadney  seagulls
123007  j1987  frontdoorclose
195574  jacobalcook  door-bedroom-soft
203046  jjhouse4  walking-boots-into-mud_low_compr
147264  kangaroovindaloo  desert-night-air-with-bird-call
57293  karymronda  ambiance-marche-final_reverb
162184  kasa90  blues-impro
119827  kbnevel  carapproaching-asphalt-leaves
116121  klankbeeld  car-passing-slow_L-to-R
91763  kyster  town-square-in-varde-01_1min
76805  lg  library-02-090724 [as air-conditioning sound]
141119  lliban  steam-trap
52234  mookie182  snoring [as light snoring]
58318  morgantj  walking_2
21870  nofeedback  rainystreet
151208  owlstorm  womens-shoes-2
35631  reinsamba  crystal-glass
70225  robinhood76  00987-bus-diesel-passing-by-slow
51166  rutgermuller  switch_reverb
46310  sagetyrtle  0105coffeehouse_with_jazz
196638  soundmary  waves-and-wind
76848  tmc-zach  door-creak-reverse_2
76848  tmc-zach  door-creak-close
326016  vincepest11  ambiance-food-market
124058  volivieri  parsian-car-pass-L-to-R
95655  xef6  tokyo-urban-ambiance
223173  yoyodaman234  7_metal-footsteps