Playing Dead - Credits

Technical and Artistic Realization

Story* and Screenplay Job Michiel van Zuijlen
Scene Design and Dramatization Job Michiel van Zuijlen
Sound Design and Music Job Michiel van Zuijlen

* Story based on an idea by Dennis (justaviking)

Additional third-party resources were used as acknowledged in the remainder of these credits.

Character Design

The main characters were custom-designed by Job van Zuijlen using Reallusion's Character Creator.

Additional Content

Scene Assets Reallusion (RL); RL third-party developers; 3D Warehouse
Terrains; Environment Job van Zuijlen; RL
Characters (Extras) Apparition, RL
Clothing Third-party developers; RL

Non-iClone content has been converted using Reallusion 3DXchange. Content may have been modified to fit the film's needs.


The music has been created using SmartSound and Sony Cinescore. The piano music in the bar originates from an old recording of me improvising.

Sound Effects and Foley

Sounds in the film have been acquired through Sounds may have been edited, processed, and combined to fit the film. The table below lists for each sound the ID, creator, and file name.

FS ID Creator Sound File
17158 acclivity scooterby
213548 arnaud-coutancier scooter-passing
144113 avakas man-hit-by-car
126943 bulbastre indoors-simple-room-tone-ambient-3
17113 dcaudio interior-sparse-cafe-with-soda-machines-room-tone
121288 dkaufman sorento-interior-35mph
78491 dobroide 20090823-cafeteria-ambiance
245992 eguaus night-rural-ambient
170471 finalcrystine windforce-4-5-wind
25819 freqman splash-1
147345 fuzzpapi run-from-stairs
327680 juan-merie-venter snore
218751 klankbeeld room-tone-windy-house-short-140212-0078
97159 loljames cpi-scooter-fast-start-and-acceleration
239947 nikitralala stp-glockenspiel
74844 robinhood76 01100-graveyard-forest-walk
76717 robinhood76 01157-wooden-floor-crackling-footsteps-2
237375 squareal car-crash
76288 timbre dramatic-violin-stab-long-decay_1
9019 wim crayononwood
95655 xef6 tokyo-urban-ambiance