The Lost Client - Credits

Technical and Artistic Realization

Screenplay, Animation, and Set Design Job Michiel van Zuijlen
Sound Design and Music Job Michiel van Zuijlen

Additional third-party resources were used as acknowledged in the remainder of these credits. Content may have been modified to fit the film's needs.

3D Modeling

Pinhead's subterranean room and his office, as well as Franciska's apartment are custom models that were created in-house (by Job van Zuijlen).

The Pinhead, Alura, and Bob Garrett (the Bad Guy) characters were conceived and made available by Pinhead Adventure (formerly Pinhead HQ) and the Committee.

In this movie, Pinhead is a derived G5 version.

Additional Content

Various Content (all categories) Reallusion (RL)
Characters Alley, Apparition, RL
Character and Facial Customization Job van Zuijlen
Clothing Alley, Apparition, Duchess, Wil Veeke, RL
Dogs Wil Veeke
Exteriors/Interiors Arteria 3D, Popeye, RL
Furniture, Props 3D Warehouse, Action 2009, Crank, Popeye, T. Parrington, RL
Terrains Job van Zuijlen, RL
Tree Multiples Rampa
Vehicles 3D Warehouse, RL

Non-iClone content has been converted using Reallusion 3DXchange.

Dialog Voices

Acapela Box

Pinhead Graham
Franciska Laura
Bob Garrett Will - Bad Guy
Robert Simmons Ryan
CSA Operator 2 Lucy
Program Director Heather (1)
CSA Operator 3 Saul
Gregory Will - Old Man
Officer Anderson Will
Alura Simmons Heather (2)
Odette Margeaux
Carl Micah

Voice tracks have been processed to simulate the acoustic environment surrounding the characters.

Sound Effects and Foley

Most sounds in the film have been acquired through Sounds may have been edited or processed further to fit the film. Occasionally, sounds will have been combined to arrive at the final effect. The table below lists for each sound the ID, creator, and file name.  A few sound have a different origin, as indicated.

FS ID Creator Sound File
15826 transitking telephonering
17782 suonho elements-fire-02-two-stages (for "big fire" sound)
17891 zippi1 sound-click (for "click switch" sound)
21870 nofeedbak rainystreet
24347 fonogeno Police sirens
52604 eric5335 town-or-suburbs-amb-summer-night
52811 firefreak HeavyMetalDoorDual
56236 Q.K. fan (for "squeaky fan" sound)
58318 morgantj walking (for "walking_2" and "outdoor_walking_ease_in" sounds
59565 3bagbrew church_bell (for "strike_nine" sound)
63349 smidoid snoring
64330 Sir Smith metal_on_wood
64444 nicStage barabooRiver
68721 mikaelfernstrom RunningDownstairs
73139 boziav Amb_int_car_100kmh_highway_mic_toward_front
76273 lg library-02-090724 (for "library air-conditioning" "low office AC" sounds)
76805 audible-edge car_braking
76848 tmc-zach door-creak (for "door creak" and "door creak close" sounds)
82308 strangely_gnarled car_go_0m18s
94231 gchand1 Computer Type
95655 xef6 tokyo urban ambiance
98930 the_toilet_guy noisy server computer
98946 Tomlija metal door close
107792 Lord Razu BombEplosion
108695 funnyman374 Office Ambience
114048 Klerrp kl_ex4
114050 Klerrp kl_ex6
116730 Benboncan Drips In Mine
119905 ftpalad Door Close Slow.aif
121750 ondrosik answer1 (for "phone click" sound)
136880 Timbre Remix of 71702__timbre__squeaky-wheel-loop (for "squeaky fan")
155664 idspence161 car-accelerate-stop-turn-off-door-open-and-close
168013 gmarchisio Running-at-night
178820 are16ocean busy signal_us
190647 Timbre car alarm 130603
203046 jjhouse4 Walking Boots into Mud
203306 mzui Room-Tone-Office-13
223568 captainvince Vintage Cadillac Rolls Up Squeak Break Idle
223653 Trautwein elevator
N/A animagic intercom beep
N/A William Kaufeld Birds_City
N/A N/A car_in_rain_passing
N/A N/A timer_1