The Third Wish - Screenplay

Included below is the full screenplay for The Third Wish. The identifiers in square brackets in the scene headings refer to the iClone project files that make up the movie.

               FADE IN:

               EXT. BEACH - NIGHT [S01, S02, S03]

               A bright moon lightens the sea, whose crashing waves meet the
               deserted beach.  Across the water, a sweeping lighthouse beam
               signals its presence to the shore.  

               On the beach, two figures.  The large glowing one is a genie
               by the name of EUGENE.  He floats above an oil lamp sitting
               on the sand, next to an old chest.  Markings on the open lid
               of this chest suggest that it originates from the Titanic.  

               Eugene looms large over an agitated WALTER PINHEAD, a man in
               his 40s.  Pinhead wears a shirt with a multicolored logo and
               his belt buckle is decorated with a large "P"

                         Now you have made me waste TWO

               The genie sneers at him.

                         Don't blame ME!  YOU will just have
                         to be more precise!

                         EUGENE, shut up!  Let me

               Pinhead, in thought now, is watched by the impatient genie.

                         Pinhead!  Come on!  We don't have
                         all night.   What is your third and
                         final desire?

               The genie starts tapping his fingers on an invisible table. 
               Pinhead glares up at him, annoyed.

                         Do you mind?

               Eugene keeps tapping.  Exasperated, Pinhead walks away, then
               back.  He stops in front of the genie and glares at him.

                                   PINHEAD (CONT'D)
                         I wish I had your job!

               A green flash emits from the lamp.  Pinhead is lifted up, and
               his shrinking body is sucked into the spout. 

               Meanwhile the genie-as-apparition fades away.  He reemerges
               as Eugene in normal human form, clothed, and standing next to
               the lamp.  His facial features can still be recognized, but
               the glowing of his skin slowly subsides.

                         Wow!  Finally free!  That went
                         well!  Alas, not so much for poor

               Ecstatic, he roars with laughter.

               INT. INSIDE OIL LAMP - NIGHT [S04, S05]

               It's dark but for the moonlight entering via the lamp spout.
               The uncontrolled merriment of Eugene gradually fades away and
               blends with the muted outside sounds. 

               Pinhead looks dazed. He has lost his bronze "P" belt buckle
               in the transfer.

               He surveys his surroundings.  There are a chair, a table, a
               few floor lamps, and a mattress.  He turns the floor lamps
               on.  The interior is now fully lit, revealing the solid brass
               inside of the oil lamp. 

               In the center of the floor is a manhole.  Pinhead lifts the
               cover.  Steam rises up.  He finds a flashlight on the table,
               gets down on his knees and shines into the opening.  

               Determined, he gets up and lowers himself into the manhole. 

               INT. SEWER SYSTEM - NIGHT [S06, S07]

               Pinhead descends a steel ladder attached to the wall and
               crosses through a room's open door into a corridor.  A sign
               reads: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams".  

               Pinhead turns right and follows the corridor towards a metal
               bridge.  Going forward, he becomes aware of a mix of wailing
               and moaning, growing in intensity as he proceeds.  

               The bridge crosses a sewer canal that stretches left and
               right.  Torches along the canal emit a faint sickly-greenish
               shine, aided by tubular lights mounted on the wall. 

               As he steps on the bridge, Pinhead stops, frozen.   

               A WOMAN ZOMBIE, holding herself outside the bridge railing,
               hisses and claws in his direction.  Close by, another one
               stands in the water.  A group a zombies slowly approaches,
               slushing through the filthy waste.

               Scared, Pinhead runs across the bridge.  To the right, he
               spots a staircase marked "EXIT".  He rushes up the flights.  

               At the top of the stairs, he halts, panting.  Still shaken,
               he slowly continues down a short hallway and through an
               opening to enter a small room.  A door on the far wall is
               marked: "NO EXIT".

               Suddenly, a fierce-locking TROLL blocks his way, growling.

                         Can't get out!  Back to station! 
                         Now!  Don't try!  Exits guarded!

               Pinhead recoils, startled.  Defeated, he turns around and
               slowly shuffles back the way he came.

               INT. INSIDE OIL LAMP - NIGHT [S08]

               Pinhead sits in the chair, head down.  He slowly rocks
               himself in comfort.  Suddenly, he sits straight up and
               engages his phone.  A beep, and then...

                                   PHONE (V.O.)
                         We're sorry.  Unable to connect
                         you.  Insufficient bars.

               He bends his head in despair, clenching his fists.

               EXT. BEACH - DAY [S09, S10]

               The sun is shining, revealing the tranquil, pristine beach. 
               The cries of seagulls blend with the surf sound of the sea.

               A group of Pinhead's vacation FRIENDS, in their 20s and 30s,
               stroll along the beach towards an exit through the dunes.

               XANDRA, mid-20s, lags behind the others, walking slowly.  She
               scans the surroundings, searching.  Now she retraces her
               steps, drawing closer to the sea, away from the group.

               One of them, CARL, late 20s, looks back.  He shields his eyes
               against the sun, spots Xandra, and calls out to her.

                         Xandra, are you coming?

               Xandra turns around and shakes her head.  Carl is irritated.

                                   CARL (CONT'D)
                         Well, I won't wait.  Just forget
                         about him!

               Xandra shrugs.

                         Carl, don't be silly!

               She walks on.  Carl storms off, annoyed.

               Xandra spots something on the beach and quickly heads that
               way.  It's the chest that Pinhead discovered earlier.  Next
               to it, she finds the lamp and Pinhead's "P" belt buckle.

               Xandra gasps in horror.

               She squats down to pick up the buckle.  While she reaches,
               her left hand brushes the lamp.  In a flash, Pinhead appears,
               as genie.

               Startled, Xandra jumps up.  Then she recovers, relieved.

                                   XANDRA (CONT'D)
                         Pinhead!  What happened?

                         I'll tell you.  But first, a
                         warning.  No wishing.  Not even in

               Xandra is puzzled at first, then shrugs.

                         Oh...  Kay...

               She sets herself down on the beach, facing Pinhead.

                         Well, you know, it was like this...


               An older MAN limps down a moonlit street in a part of town
               that has seen better days.  The buildings flanking the quiet
               street are uninspiring.  A surprising highlight is the Blue
               Oasis, a "Bar - Café" as its colorful sign announces. 

               The man hobbles along past the tastefully lit building.  An
               awning covers an outside patio.  Large picture windows reveal
               the bar's PATRONS having a good time.  One of them is Eugene.  

               A gloomy figure in a dark corner of the bar room takes it all
               in. He is Senior G.I.A. Agent FEISAL HUSSEIN, mid 40s.  In
               dark glasses and a hat, he is dressed like a fifties spy. 

               INT. BAR - NIGHT [S11]

               The patrons fill the bar room with lively conversations. 
               Soft Jazz music is playing.  Feisal watches a noisy Eugene,
               who sits at the bar, plastered and in high spirits.  

               Eugene's human form is that of an attractive dark stranger. 
               He has the full attention of three young women, JESSICA,
               TIFFANY, and CARLA, all smiles and giggles.  Jessica has her
               hand on Eugene's shoulder.   

               Suddenly Eugene bursts out in a snorting laugh.  He then
               turns to Sam, the bartender.

                         Hey, Sham. Drinksh for everybody!

               Ignored, he burps.  Jessica laughs loudly, the others grin.

               Meanwhile, Feisal has gotten up to leave.  He walks past
               Eugene, glancing at him briefly.

               EXT. DESERT WITH WALLED CITY - DAY [S12]

               A fierce sun scorches the walled city and surrounding desert. 
               The landscape is bare: nothing but sand, apart from some
               scattered pyramids.  On an asphalt road leading to the city, 
               a Bentley with Feisal speeds towards the town's main gate.

               EXT. INSIDE WALLED CITY - DAY [S13]

               The Bentley is parked inside the city walls near the gate. 
               Feisal stands next to the car and surveys the CROWD-filled
               main square, which is bustling with market activity. 

               He then crosses the square towards the imposing building of
               the "Genie Intelligence Agency".  One of the windows reveals
               the silhouette of the G.I.A DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS.

               INT. G.I.A. BUILDING - DIRECTOR'S OFFICE - DAY [S13]

               From her office window, the Director, a stylish woman in her
               late 50s, ponders the outside activity of the market crowd
               and the approaching Feisal.  

               She then turns away from the window, in thought.  


               The office is well-appointed in mostly modern style, except
               for large wooden desk by the windows.  Next to the desk,
               against a side wall, are two large book cases filled with
               dossiers.  On the same wall is a projection screen, currently
               showing footage of Eugene's encounter with Pinhead.

               The viewers are Feisal and the Director, who are seated at a
               large conference table near the wall opposite the windows.

               The Director stops the projection after Eugene's transition
               into human form.  She looks perturbed.

                         Agent Hussein, this is not the
                         first time Eugene has broken the
                         rules.  He's good, but, well,

               She smiles briefly.  Feisal turns to her.

                         Madam Director, we simply don't
                         have the manpower to monitor every
                         genie twenty-four-seven.

               The director nods.

                         I understand, and I don't blame
                         you.  Budget cuts and all that.  As
                         director I used to have carte
                         blanche, but now...

               She pauses, in thought.

                                   DIRECTOR (CONT'D)
                         Agent Hussein, please take care of
                         this.  I'm assigning a junior agent
                         to assist.  And, I promise you, one
                         more misstep and it's the salt
                         mines for Eugene.  You tell him
                         that from me.


               Xandra, Carl, and their friends lodge in a recent three-story
               apartment building with beach access.  The units are one
               bedroom suites with a sea view.  The corner units have
               balconies.  From there, a few guests are catching the morning
               sun.  The windows of a third floor corner unit reveal Xandra,
               Feisal, and Pinhead-as-genie having a conference.


               A pleasant and spacious third-floor apartment with modern
               furnishings.  The door to the balcony is open and provides a
               view of the beach.  Outdoor sounds stream in: the surf,
               seagulls, outside activity.  

               The living area has a couch, easy chairs, side tables, and a
               coffee table.  On it, an edition of "Aladdin or the Wonderful
               Lamp", showing a drawing of the lamp on the vintage cover.  

               Xandra and Feisal are seated close to Pinhead, who floats
               above the oil lamp on the floor.

                         Genie Eugene has broken a major
                         rule by giving up his post.

                         So Feisal, you're saying that wish
                         should not have been granted?

               Feisal nods.

                         You're right.  Sadly, wishes can 
                         NOT be undone.

                         Then, what CAN we do?

               Feisal turns to her.

                         I've got an idea, but I'll need
                         your help for a date with Eugene.

               Xandra smiles at Pinhead, then turns to Feisal.


                             (to Pinhead)
                         Pinhead, you'll be free in a few
                         days, I promise.
                             (to Xandra)
                         Xandra, meanwhile, keep the lamp
                         hidden from any visitors.

               Xandra nods.  Feisal gets up.

                                   FEISAL (CONT'D)
                         I'll call you soon.

               INT. XANDRA'S APARTMENT - LATER [S17]

               Carl walks down the hallway towards the living/kitchen area.

                         Xandra?  Are you there?  We're
                         about to meet up...

               He stops and scans the room.

                                   CARL (CONT'D)
                         Nobody.  Weird...

               He walks into the living room area and notices the Aladdin
               book on the coffee table.  

                                   CARL (CONT'D)
                         Interesting reading...

               Just then a gust of blows a scarf from the right side table,
               revealing the oil lamp.

                                   CARL (CONT'D)
                         Cool, the real thing...

               He walks over to the side table and squats down.  He reaches
               to pick up the lamp.

                                   CARL (CONT'D)
                         Nice.  I think I will borrow that.

               He looks up, smiling.

               INT. CARL'S APARTMENT - DAY [S18, S19]

               Carl's apartment is like Xandra's but has a different, darker
               atmosphere.  There's a sitting area with a couch and a dining
               area furnished with a table and chairs. 

               Carl sits at the table, the lamp in front of him.

               He rubs the lamp, and Pinhead appears.  Or rather, his lower
               half, because he is too tall for the room.

                         Hey!  Put me on the floor!

               Carl, puzzled, places the lamp on the floor, revealing the
               complete genie.


               Carl is shocked at first, then starts to giggle...

                                   CARL (CONT'D)
                         This is just too funny...

               Pinhead looks irritated.

                         You, you, rotten lowlife...  Now,
                         get on with your three wishes.

               Carl, still grinning, strokes his chin in thought.

                         I wish money in the bank.

               A flash.  On the table appears a piggy bank.  A penny slides
               through the slot and hits the bottom.  PING!

               Pinhead grins.

                         Ha ha! Got you there!

               Carl grimaces, then shrugs.

                         I wish a romantic evening...

               A flash, then it's--


               The daylight has vanished.  Dimmed lights provide a subdued
               illumination.  Soft music is playing.  Carl is seated on the
               couch.  Pinhead is on the floor nearby.  On the coffee table,
               a bottle of champagne and two filled glasses.

               Carl looks satisfied, then checks beside him.  He frowns.

                                   CARL (CONT'D)
                         And, I wish to share this with a
                         beautiful woman.

               A flash.  Xandra pops up next to Carl on the couch.

                         Ha!  That was your third wish!

               He disappears inside the lamp.


               Xandra spots the lamp and then glares at Carl.

                                   CARL (CONT'D)
                         Sorry, it was just a joke...

               Xandra gets up.

                         Yeah, seriously?

               Carl bends his head.  

               Xandra grabs the lamp and storms out.  Carl stares after her.

               INT. INSIDE OIL LAMP - DAY [S20]

               Pinhead sits in his chair, reading a book.  He looks up.

                         A close call, last night.  But,
                         there is magic in a bit of mind

               He frowns and addresses the camera.

                                   PINHEAD (CONT'D)
                         Well, Xandra has a date tonight,
                         with Eugene.  I wish I could help. 
                         Wish?  Genies can't wish.

               He shakes his head, then returns to his book.


               Eugene shuffles away from the entrance to the bar, sent off
               by an agitated BOUNCER. 

               Suddenly, Eugene stops and glares at the bouncer.


               He trudges back to the entrance. The bouncer raises his hands
               for Eugene to keeps his distance, but Eugene moves forward
               and attempts to manoeuver the bouncer out of the way. 

               A final push and Eugene hits the patio floor. He rolls on his
               side and lies still.  The bouncer returns inside the bar and
               closes the entrance doors. 

               The scene is watched from an alley way next to the bar by a
               JUNIOR GIA AGENT, who is wearing a Bluetooth phone. 


               A dark SUV emerges and stops in front of the bar.

               Eugene works himself up in a sitting position facing the

               The front passenger door opens, revealing a pair of shapely
               legs in high heels belonging to Xandra.  Eugene perks up.

               Xandra exits the car and walks towards Eugene, then squats

                         Hi, I'm Xandra.  You must be
                         Eugene?  Are you OK?

               Eugene grimaces. 

                         My head...

                He speaks slowly, like drunk.

                         Can you stand?  Walk?

               She rises.  Eugene also gets up, unsteady on his feet.

                                   XANDRA (CONT'D)
                         I'll take you to my place -- just
                         to freshen up.

               Eugene manages another pained smile.


               Xandra turns and walks to the car.  Eugene follows, with tiny


               Xandra guides Eugene into the bathroom, then leaves him,
               closing the door.  He inspects himself in the mirror.

               The door opens slowly.  Eugene stiffens.  Feisal enters and
               closes the door.  He glowers at Eugene, furious.

                         Idiot!  The Chief has had it with

               Eugene bends his head and looks away.

                                   FEISAL (CONT'D)
                         This will be your last chance.  You
                         know the salty alternative.

               Eugene nods, looking gloomy and still drunk.

                         OK, let's get -- it over with.


               The lamp stands on the floor near the coffee table.  Xandra
               sits on one of the couches, while Feisal and Eugene stand
               near the lamp.  Eugene waits.  Feisal nudges him, and Eugene
               steps towards the lamp.  He crouches down and rubs it. 

               Smoke starts to emit from the lamp followed by a flash. 
               Eugene steps aside.  A moment later Pinhead as Genie appears.

                         Yes Master?

                         I want, my job back.

               A flash, then a human Pinhead appears on the couch opposite
               Xandra, while Eugene vanishes inside the lamp.

               Pinhead lies down, yawns, and falls asleep.  Feisal picks up
               the lamp.  Xandra gets up from her couch and smiles.

                         Thank you so much!

               Feisal nods and turns to leave.

               EXT. OPEN-AIR MARKET - DAY [S24]

               The open-air market is situated in a paved square surrounded
               by old townhouses.  The merchandise is presented in stalls or
               on the pavement.

               Pinhead and Xandra peruse some antique offerings spread out
               on a colorful rug.  

               Positioned in front is an open chest, its lid suggesting that
               it originates from the Titanic.  A sign states: "Salvaged
               from the Titanic!" Next, on a stool, are an oil lamp and a
               classic edition of "Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp". 

               Xandra and Pinhead look at each other, surprised.

                         You think it's genuine?

               Pinhead shakes his head.

                         No, not likely.  Want to try the

               Xandra turns to Pinhead.

                         Why?  I have my genie right here...

               Xandra starts to walk away, then stops.

                                   XANDRA (CONT'D)
                         Wait!  Let's try this incantation
                         Feisal told me.

               She turns and steps closer to the lamp.

                                   XANDRA (CONT'D)
                         Oum!  Djinn!  Oum!

               A flash.  Xandra recoils.

                                   XANDRA (CONT'D)
                         Oh my gosh!  Oops!

               Genie Eugene emerges, floating above the lamp.

                         Well, well, if that isn't my genie!

               The genie notices them and turns furious.

                         Hey!  Leave me alone!

               They walk away, while a babbling LITTLE GIRL approaches to
               inspect the genie.

                                                              FADE OUT.

                                         THE END