Shootout - Credits

Technical and Artistic Realization

Story and Screenplay Job Michiel van Zuijlen
Direction and Animation Job Michiel van Zuijlen
Characterization and Set Design Job Michiel van Zuijlen
Sound Design and Music Job Michiel van Zuijlen

Additional third-party resources were used as acknowledged in the remainder of these credits. Content may have been modified to fit the film's needs.

Voice Talent

Dialog voices Acapela Box

Voice recordings have been processed to simulate the acoustic environmen surrounding the characters.

3D Models and Environment

The Western town set has been created with the Western Theme Pack from Reallusion. The Undertaker's is from DAZ. The town segment in the background is from Popeye.

Various characters Reallusion, Apparition, Sen
Character face design Job van Zuijlen (desperados and saloon girl)
Clothing Alley, Apparition, Reallusion
Horses, donkey Reallusion
Birds Warlord, Popeye
Buildings and environment Reallusion, Popeye, DAZ
Props Reallusion, Mythical Dragon, Warlord, 3DWarehouse

Non-iClone content has been converted using Reallusion 3DXchange.


The music has been created using Sony Cinescore.

Sound Effects and Foley

A number of sounds in the film have been acquired through Sounds may have been edited or processed further to fit the film. Occasionally, sounds will have been combined to arrive at the final effect. The table below lists for each sound the ID, creator, and file name.

FS ID Creator Sound File
32044 erh horse-snort-7
33675 pauliep83 crash
35409 scarbelly25 whip-slap-belt-punch
42197 fauxpress wolf-whistle
46265 phreaksaccount coachgun-dry-fire
60143 promete one_wing-flap
66396 110110010 wood-hit
98379 tomlija flock-of-crows
108166 soundcollectah walking-at-night_1
131710 oldedgar male-being-impaled-beaten-ac
131924 felix-blume a-windmill-is-squeaking-alone-in-the-desert-usa-arizona
137843 thefilmbakery horse-and-carriage_1
140301 project-trident breath-in-and-out-cigarette
140847 thecluegeek cinematic-eagle-cry
147264 kangaroovindaloo desert-night-air-with-bird-call
149024 foxen10 horse-whinny
157034 slave2thelight walking-foley-performance-6a
168812 11linda flirtatious-laugh
180235 kangaroovindaloo kalgoorlie-wind-4
198868 hitrison door-thudwhamwhack