Pinhead's Dilemma - Screenplay

Included below is the full screenplay for Pinhead's Dilemma. Each scene roughly corresponds to a separate iClone project.


               FADE IN: 

           1   EXT. ENGLISH TOWN - MAIN STREET - MORNING (1959)

               The main street of a picturesque English town in the late 
               fifties.  There is no traffic. A nearby bell tower strikes 
               seven.  Birds sing their morning song.

               There is a park with a fountain.  A young woman walks briskly 
               through the park to a waiting bus.  An older couple on a 
               bench enjoys the peace and quiet and the view of the statue 
               across the park.  Or, in case of the man, of the young woman 
               passing by.  Now and then, the man or the woman doses off. 

               Suddenly, the tranquility is disturbed by a the sound of a 
               roaring engine, followed by shrieking tires.  The man and 
               woman turn towards the sound, distress on their faces.

                                     NARRATOR (V.O.)
                         A time machine has projected Walter 
                         Pinhead from 2011 to late 1950s 
                         England.  Let's see how he fares... 

               A convertible is parked along the curb.  Some steam escapes 
               from the radiator.  There are tire marks, as from heavy and 
               sudden breaking.  In the car, WALTER PINHEAD is slumped over 
               the steering wheel.

               Slowly, Pinhead straightens himself up.  He is clutching the 
               wheel.  He slowly opens his eyes and groans.  


               Footsteps approach.  Pinhead turns his head towards the 
               sidewalk and stares into the face of a concerned CONSTABLE.

                         Are you alright, Sir?

               Pinhead, disoriented, takes his hands from the wheel and 
               looks them over.  Then he turns to the constable.

                         Huh, gooday, Constable!  Yes...  
                         It's just that, well, I had kind of 
                         a rough ride.  

                         You're from London, Sir?

               Pinhead, still dazed, just nods.

                                     CONSTABLE (CONT'D)
                         I see.  Well, you will want to mind 
                         the speed limit here in town.

               Pinhead, now more alert, looks embarrassed.

                         Of course, I'm so sorry.

               He looks left and right, then back at the constable.

                                     PINHEAD (CONT'D)
                         Could you... would you know of a 
                         place to get some coffee?  

                         Well, Sir, a bit back on this side 
                         is one of them new coffee shops.  
                         You must have passed it...

               The bell tower announces the half hour.  The constable checks 
               his watch.

                                     CONSTABLE (CONT'D)
                         They open at around eight, in half 
                         an hour.  Sir, you just sit and wait 
                         here, and pull yourself together.

                         Thank you very much...

               He bends his head and closes his eyes. 


               The bell tower strikes eight.  There's a newsagent's, with 
               newspapers on a stand.  Pinhead is standing outside, holding  
               today's paper, dated July 8, 1959.  It reports on a serious 
               fire.  Pinhead studies the paper, shaking his head.

                         What a disaster.  And I wasn't even 
                         born yet.

               He continues.  A couple in their mid thirties, WALLY and 
               MADGE, approaches--Wally is in work clothes, Madge in a dress.

               They are about twenty feet away, as Pinhead reaches the coffee 
               shop.  He peers inside, then is about to enter, when--

                         Look Wally, one of them losers!

                         Leave it Madge, they're harmless...

               Pinhead turns around.  Wally glances at him and nods.  Pinhead 
               looks away, shocked.

                              (to himself)
                         Mom?  Dad?  I can't believe it.  I 
                         grew up here.

               He enters the coffee shop.

               Wally and Madge continue their walk. They cross the street 
               to enter a square.   

               A young mother sits on a bench, a baby carriage next to her.  
               Madge walks up to the baby carriage for a look.  Her face 

                         Oh, how cute!  Wally, I would love 
                         to have another little one!

               A factory horn sounds. 

                         We will see...  Well, I better move 
                         on to get to work.  See you around 

                              (somewhat peeved)
                         Bye, Wally. 


           4   INT. COFFEE SHOP - MORNING

               The coffee shop has modern furniture, and art, film and jazz 
               posters on the wall.  There is a service counter in the back 
               with a door opening beside it. 

               Pinhead sits at a table with a cup of coffee.  He stares 
               into his cup, occasionally shaking his head.  The front door 
               opens and closes.  CYNTHIA, a pretty beat girl in her early 
               twenties, walks up to him.

                         Hello, I'm Cynthia.  Forester.  You 
                         look like you've seen a ghost.

               Pinhead looks up.

                         In a way I have.

               He gestures for her to sit down.  Cynthia takes a seat across 

                                     PINHEAD (CONT'D)
                         Walter.  Pinhead.  I just saw my 
                         parents and found out that I haven't 
                         even been born yet.

               Cynthia has an earnest expression and nods.  Pinhead sits up 
               a bit straighter, encouraged.

                                     PINHEAD (CONT'D)
                         Well, I've traveled through time, 
                         starting out over fifty years into 
                         the future.  Now I am in my 
                         birthplace, before I got conceived.

               Cynthia frowns, and tilts her head.

                                     PINHEAD (CONT'D)
                         I know...  Anyway, my life is made 
                         miserable by this committee, so if I 
                         could make sure I was never born, I 
                         would save myself a lot of trouble.

               Cynthia nods.

                         I sometimes wished I hadn't been 
                         born, but, you know, you just are.

               Pinhead gets to his feet.

                         Right... Well, I would love to talk 
                         to you some more.  But, first I'm 
                         going to find a place to stay, and 
                         then check out my old neighborhood.

                         Try the Arm and Hammer.  I'll be 
                         here, my fearless time traveler.

               Pinhead walks to the door.  Cynthia stares after him, a 
               pensive look on her face.

                                     CYNTHIA (CONT'D)
                         A man from the future.  That's deep!


               A street in a working class neighborhood, with strings of 
               almost identical terraced houses.  Pinhead approaches in his 
               car, driving slowly, while checking the house numbers.

                         Now, what was the number?  What did 
                         Dad use to say?  Right, at number 
                         seven, we're in heaven.

               He stops the car in front of number 7.  The living room window 
               is open.  Pinhead observes the house.

                                     WALLY (O.S.)
                         Madge, I expect a raise, so we can 
                         have another one.  I promise.  The 
                         letter should be here tomorrow.

                                     MADGE (O.S.)
                         Oh, Wally...

               Pinhead bends his head, troubled, then drives off.

           6   INT. COFFEE SHOP - MORNING

               Pinhead and Cynthia sit at a table, coffee in front of them.

                         That's why I want to get hold of 
                         that letter.  I need to know.

               Cynthia perks up, looking excited. 

                         Like in one of those spy movies!

               She stares out of the window, in thought, then turns to 

                                     CYNTHIA (CONT'D)
                         I have an idea...


               Cynthia sits by herself at the table, watching the door and 
               looking coquettish.  Music is playing, and Cynthia bobs her 
               head with the rhythm.  Pinhead sits at a table near the door, 
               reading a magazine.  He blushes at the contents.

               The front door opens, and JOHN, the mailman, comes in.  He 
               is in his early-40s and dressed in his postal uniform.

               John surveys the room.  His face lights up when he notices 
               Cynthia.  With a nod he acknowledges AL, the coffee shop 
               owner.  Al is in his early 30s, coifed and dressed in typical 
               beatnik style: beard, T-shirt with horizontal stripes, black 
               pants. John makes a motion of drinking a cup, and Al nods.

               John leaves his mailbag near the door, then walks over to 
               sit at Cynthia's table, his back to the door.

               Cynthia casts him a dazzling smile.  From behind John's back, 
               Pinhead signals Cynthia with his head.  

               Cynthia gets up and starts to dance, moving her body 
               provocatively.  John watches her, mesmerized.  

               Meanwhile, Pinhead gets up and walks to the mailbag. He kneels 
               down, opens the bag, and starts going through the letters.  
               Now and then he looks over his shoulder in John's direction, 
               who continues to be entranced by Cynthia's dance.

               Pinhead checks the addresses one by one.  After several tries, 
               he reads: "Mr. Walter Pinhead, 7 Strawberry Lane, St. 
               Edmunds".  It's from Avondale Brewery.  He takes the letter, 
               closes the mail bag, and quickly goes back to his seat.

               The music stops and Cynthia finishes her dancing.  John claps 
               and then gets up.

                         I have to go.  
                              (to Al)
                         Thanks for the coffee...
                              (to Cynthia, winking)
                         And the entertainment.


               A kettle is boiling on the stove, blowing steam.  Next to 
               it, stands Al.  Pinhead and Cynthia sit at the kitchen table.  
               Pinhead holds the letter; its envelope lies on the table. 

               The letter begins: "Dear Mr. Pinhead, We are pleased to inform 
               you that, beginning next week, your pay will increase to 3 
               pounds per week..."

                         Its delivery means my delivery...

               He puts the letter on the table. 

                         An existential dilemma...

                         To be or not to be: that is the 
                         question.  Whether 't is nobler in 
                         the mind to suffer the slings and 
                         arrows of outrageous fortune, or to 
                         take arms against a sea of troubles.

                         That sums it up nicely...

               Cynthia looks at him with compassion. 

                         It's fate.  You can't escape it.

               Pinhead stares ahead of him and points at the the letter.

                         Let's seal my fate then, by sealing 
                         this letter and delivering it.  
                              (to Cynthia)
                         Will you come along?  Around five?

               Cynthia nods.


               Pinhead sits in the car, looking at his parental home.  It's 
               nice out and the front windows of the house are open.

               Cynthia pushes the letter through the mail slot in the front 
               door, then returns to join Pinhead.  They watch the house.

                                     MADGE (O.S.)
                         Wally, it's for you, from work!

                                     WALLY (O.S.)
                         Look, Madge, look!

                                     MADGE (O.S.)
                         Oh Wally, you've got a raise.  And 
                         do I feel another one?

               Pinhead blushes, embarrassed.  

                                     MADGE (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                         Oh, Wally, let's go upstairs!

               Meanwhile, the thumping of footsteps going up the stairs.  

               Pinhead stares ahead with a pained look.  Cynthia turns to 
               him and places her arm around his shoulder.  They look at 
               each other, then Pinhead drives off. 


               SUPER: "NINE MONTHS LATER"

               The waiting room is empty, except for the young mother and 
               Wally, who is pacing up and down.  He looks agitated, nervous, 
               an expecting father.  The woman looks up from her newspaper 
               and smiles with understanding.  Wally checks his watch.

               Just then, a door opens, and a NURSE appears.  Through the 
               open door, the crying of a newborn fills the waiting room.  
               Wally stops his pacing and turns to the nurse.

                         Mr. Pinhead, congratulations, it's a 
                         boy.  You may come in now.

               Wally's face brightens and he turns to the young mother. 

                         Me boy!  Me little Wally!

               He then follows the nurse into the maternity room.


               SUPER: "2011 - SOMEWHERE IN ENGLAND"

               A typical English residential neighborhood in 2011.  The 
               houses are modest, but nice; some have gardens.

               Pinhead waits in front of number 33. He carries a bouquet of 
               roses.  The name on the mailbox reads "Cynthia Forester".

               The door opens.  OLD CYNTHIA, now in her mid-seventies, 
               appears.  She is still quite beautiful; an older version of 
               the beat girl.

                                     OLD CYNTHIA

               Pinhead clears his throat, nervous now. 

                         It's me, Walter Pinhead.  We met 
                         over fifty years ago.

               Cynthia's face lights up.

                                     OLD CYNTHIA
                         I remember now--you haven't changed 
                         at all!  What took you so long?

               Pinhead smiles and offers her the roses.

                         Thank you for believing in me.

               Cynthia takes the roses and puts her free hand on his 

                                     OLD CYNTHIA
                         You gave me hope by showing me a 
                         glimpse of the future.

               She motions him in.

                                     OLD CYNTHIA (CONT'D)
                         But, don't stand there.  Please, 
                         come in!

                                                                  FADE OUT: