Pinhead's Dilemma - Credits

Technical and Artistic Realization

Story and Screenplay Job Michiel van Zuijlen
Direction and Animation Job Michiel van Zuijlen
Characterization and Set Design Job Michiel van Zuijlen
Sound Design and Music Job Michiel van Zuijlen

Additional third-party resources were used as acknowledged in the remainder of these credits. Content may have been modified to fit the film's needs.

Voice Talent

Narrator Brian I.
Constable Peter A.
Walter Pinhead Lee S.
Wally Pinhead Sr. Lee S.
Madge Pinhead Emma I.
Cynthia Forester Lucy A.
Al Peters Graham A.
Nurse Diane C.

Voice recordings have been processed to simulate the acoustic environment surrounding the characters.

3D Models and Environment

Pinhead's hometown has been recreated with buildings from 3D Warehouse. The coffee shop and Cynthia's home were created in-house.

The Pinhead character was conceived and graciously provided by Pinhead Adventure (formerly Pinhead HQ) and the Committee.

Environment (trees, sky) Reallusion
Various characters Reallusion
Character face design Job van Zuijlen
Clothing Alley, Reallusion
Coffee shop, Cynthia's home Job van Zuijlen
Other buildings 3D Warehouse
Props and furniture 3D Warehouse, Reallusion
Miscellaneous Reallusion, Third-party developers

Non-iClone content has been converted using Reallusion 3DXchange.

Sound Effects and Foley

A number of sounds in the film have been acquired through Sounds may have been edited or processed further to fit the film. Occasionally, sounds will have been combined to arrive at the final effect. The table below lists for each sound the ID, creator, and file name.

FS ID Creator Sound File
13775 dobroide fuente.patio
23131 pcaeldries CountrySideSummerEvening
23390 Percy_Duke Kettle_Boiling
27975 Corsica_S steam
31253 dobroide 20070218.footsteps
33658 sagetyrtle laughter
39435 aspergineering Triumph_Vitesse_Drive
39955 303creative Stipe
53467 lorenzosu airplane
54486 ERH Hospital_sounds_3
58178 Robinhood76 00235_baby_newborn_first_voice
69987 nayruslove girlvocalizing
70168 JustinBW outdoors_mono_suburb
72531 IFartInUrGeneralDirection train
76804 audible_edge AE0090_Volvo_740_GLE_handbrake_turn_01
79193 Nathan_Lomeli mail_slot_shutting
86192 SteveMannella Running_up_down_stairs_1_2
94241 Figowitz Midnight_Church_Bells_Frederiksborg_Castle
93944 Corsica_S kitchen2010_04_01
88462 davidou Grognement
100504 inchadney morning_in_town